Friday, February 9, 2024

Tales of the Valiant GM Guide: Last 7 Days

Tales of the Valiant doesn't have to be much more than a patched and fixed 5E; I would be happy with that. A lot of people ask, "What is the point?"

I am not doing business with a company that I feel is low in the ethics area, for one. This is my choice. And your choices on the companies you choose to do business with reflect your character.

Everyone needs to hold themselves to a higher standard.

This is how it was in the 1980s. If a company made weapons and sold them to Central American countries with a terrible human rights record, we would not buy their consumer products. The same sort of people back then would say, "So what? You are just one person. It is not going to matter. They are so big one person won't make a difference."

It matters to me.

And so many people did; we did make a difference.

Also, I can sit around a table with a group and say, "It matters to us."

5E is a sound system, but the older implementation has a few flaws. We don't throw out a programming language because of a few bugs. We iterate, improve, patch, and move on. Open markets and code bases ensure we have the power to switch away should an organization or company go bad.

And the 2014 edition is old, and those who made the 2024 edition are gone now. I don't see a path forward, even if the 2024 books sell well. People always get suckered in by nostalgia, which may be a form of depression - or nostalgia may be us trying to self-medicate the feelings of depression.

I can cure that feeling of "everything was better back then!"

I will buy more things!

I am looking forward to this game. I can use all my old 5E books and play a version of 5E guilt-free. Since it is an open fork of the original, anyone else could take the ToV system reference document and improve it. This is future-proofing 50+ years into the future.

The OGL proved people like the games they like. They don't always need to be "versioned up" like software. A patch and remaster is all I want for 5E, and I don't like to be dragged into monthly charges and not be able to own my PDFs.

ToV fills that need.

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