Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Minecraft Season #2 Thoughts

Between Two Worlds

A lot of work done, need to flesh out the towers and the throne room though.

After a time playing the game visiting other servers and such. I have come up for an idea for season 2 of our Minecraft server. There is an interesting assortment of plugins for Minecraft to make the game more roleplay focused I would love to have. Currently the game is caught between versions of 1.6.4 vs 1.7.2. In the newest version has a lot of features I really like, such as the new biomes (different terrain types within the game's world), and new plants and such.

My thinking is to develop a 1.6.4 server setup with the cool MMO and roleplay mods the give the game classes, crafting jobs, player-owned plots and such. Even the older vesion has less cool stuff than the new version, the 1.6.4 version had a lot more support for tweaking the game to the things, as a roleplayer-centric person I am, wants.

So season #2 will start in a couple months after I see what exact package of plugins I want to try, the old Season 1 world will be archived so no one will lose anything as we try the new setup.

I did learn the backbone of the plugins, called Bukkit Mod is a long way off from being updated to the 1.7.2 codebase along with the delay of updating the plugin makers have to do.

The question would be then, wait for the update to happen, which could take a while? Or try a new setup?

If there is anything you would like to see, please share!