Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Necrotic Gnome, OGL Statement


Necrotic Gnome, the excellent Old School Essentials creator, has posted about OSE, the future, and how they are moving away from the OGL. This was posted last year, but I came by it again, and it brought up thoughts a year later.

The hurt and fear are still there more than a year after that disaster. Now you can see why I am selling all my Wizards books and going hard into Open 5E. I walk in both worlds, as do many old-timers, especially experienced DMs. When this started, D&D already had a DM shortage, and burning the bridges of the veteran DMs who "make your game work" is a colossal disaster few talk about.

Can I play D&D with good conscious hearing this news? No. There must be a leadership change at the top and going down. Anyone involved must go. Steps must be taken to make the OGL 1.0a permanent. Then, I may give D&D another chance, which is a fair position.

Holding people to an ethical standard for your business is not wrong. And it is your choice. Don't let people on social media make it for you; you could be talking to a bot.

I will support Necrotic Gnome in whatever they do, and I am happy they are considering a future for OSE beyond the OGL. Swords & Wizardry did a CC version of their game, so it is possible.

For me, Open 5E will be here 30+ years from now. The books I have and love will not be replaced or "stealth edited" because we can't download a PDF. I own both. They are mine. Open 5E allows them to continue to be mine forever.

Sad news, but hopeful.

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