Friday, May 31, 2024

CiaraQ DND Polyhedral Dice Sets

The CiaraQ dice (on Amazon) are excellent deals; you get 14 dice for 10 dollars. They are sold under a few brands; I found a set labeled Civaner (but some of those have traditional d4s pictured).

You do NOT get a d14, which is required for a Dungeon Crawl Classics dice chain.

These have the cut-end d4 dice! I like the cut-end d4 dice, with the tips cut off and the number printed on the top of the pyramid. I do not like picking up a standard d4; it takes too much time. If I am going to play a game with the d4 dice, I will use cut-end dice every time or those Roman-numeral d12 four-sided dice.

I do not like standard d4 dice, and most of my caltrop-style ones are stored away.

You also get these hilariously giant "golf ball" d100 dice that never stop rolling. I do not use those, but I did not find it hard to read the results once they stopped moving. The number on top is easy to pick out, and the numbers around it form a circle highlighting the result. Use a tray, or that thing will end up on the floor.

You get d16, d24, d30, d60, and many other dice in the under ten-sided range (d3, d5, d7). All the standard polyhedral dice are here (d4, d6, d8, d10, d00, d12, and d20).

But what stands out the most to me are the designs of the d12 and d8 (pictured above, d12 top, d8 bottom). These are not what I am used to; the diamond d12s and the trapezoid d8 dice are very strange. At first, I could not find a d8 or a d12 until I got used to the shapes.

They roll fine, especially the d8s, which roll slightly more than a standard triangle d8. The d8 is almost regular; it is just that this is a normal d8 with the points cut off.

The d12 dice are very strange; they are not the standard shape. They look like a diamond yield sign. Usually, I can pick out a d12 from a d8; this is slightly harder, but I get used to them the more I use them.

I don't know why they chose these shapes. Do they use less plastic? They are very readable, roll well, and are balanced but strange. They cross that line of being "strange enough to make you want to play with them, " which is good. In a game like Call of Cthulhu, you want something to unnerve you and make you feel "Things are not right." Also, in Runequest, the slightly different dice shapes tell me, "This is not D&D."

The shapes of dice slightly throwing me off balance for a new game is not bad. I instantly fall out of my "D&D mode" and begin to see the game in a different light. I use these with Runequest, Basic Roleplaying, and Call of Cthulhu. The d12 is rarely used in those games, though the d8 is used regularly.

It's a good deal if you do not have a d14 requirement, like all the different shapes, and want dice slightly different from the normal D&D ones that change the visual look of your dice a little.

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