Saturday, June 1, 2024

Mail Room: Classic Fantasy Imperative (Mythras)

Mythras is in a strange place right now. Many people love this fork of the Mongoose-flavored BRP system, which initially powered Runequest 6. Right now, they are converting everything over to the ORC license, and they started with two core books, Classic Fantasy Imperative and Mythras Imperative.

Mythras Imperative, The Design Mechanism's multi-genre response to Basic Roleplaying, is set to redefine the Mythras setting. This versatile core book will serve as the foundation for a new, dynamic version of the game. The Classic Fantasy Imperative, on the other hand, powers the traditional fantasy aspect of the system, offering a diverse gaming experience.

Both books cover the basics, but you need the older OGL license core books for Classic Fantasy and Mythras if you want the entire game. So they are stuck in the middle of their license conversion but need core books with a license so third parties can continue to support the system. Players must use the older books to fill in the missing parts.

New players can start with the latest books and have the basics while pulling in older content as needed. I wish I had the expanded content, but this is an excellent workaround to support 3rd parties and give players something to work with.

At my table, Classic Fantasy Imperative is in a contest with Open Quest since they cover the same ground, and Open Quest is currently a complete game in one book. The Mythras rules interpretation has many fans, and the combat is excellent with skill and tactics, but you need to use two books, one new and one old.

I will give CFI plus the older book a look, there is a lot to like here.

The Mythras forks of the BRP rules are excellent and have many fans. Many exciting games, including sci-fi games, have been built with them. The BRP side of the hobby has a surprising number of choices, especially when most 5E players just see Call of Cthulhu and think that is the best the system offers.

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