Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Kickstarter: Voidrunner's Codex



The Voidrunner's Codex has launched a Level Up A5E version of science fiction, and I backed this since I like 5E sci-fi games and am still looking for a solid one. If they have the A5E improvements to social and exploration, that will be perfect, and they will support hex-crawl sci-fi games. If not (and I don't see why they wouldn't), those are easy enough to port in.

A solid CR+0 5E sci-fi game is something of a rarity. What I like about this is equal attention is being paid to starships, and many 5E sci-fi games ignore that part of the game or just do a few pre-built ships and say, "Meh, it is not really important."

One whole book is starships and rules. That is serious support.

Level Up Advanced 5E is one of my pair of Community 5E games, and I am currently supporting in my campaigns. This is not a high-power CR+1 5E like ToV and "all books" D&D. This is the 2014 balance level, and it feels good. To have a sci-fi game like that is my Starfinder replacement.

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