House Rules

Here is a page listing the house-rules we use in the games we play, so if people play online with us or people would like to use them in their games they are available for use. Enjoy!

Tunnels and Trolls v8.0 Deluxe

Warrior Bonus

The Warrior gets to increase his or her combat adds by 4 per level for all weapon types.

This replaces the following rule on page 13 in the T&T Deluxe Rulebook:
Warriors roll one extra d6 per character level on any melee weapon they are using.

Missile Weapons Optional Rule #1: Realism

On a successful to-hit SR, missile damage is added to the party's HPT total. If the SR is missed, no points are added to the party's HPT total. If the monster or character is hit unaware, out of combat, or defenseless, the damage goes straight to MR (or armor/CON) as normal.

All melee, magic, and missile damage is assessed equally (and at the same time) during combat and applies against the other side's HPT, as normal.

This replaces the following rule on page 78 of the T&T Deluxe Rulebook:
If the character aims for a particular target and makes the (to-hit) saving roll, then that damage will automatically take effect against the target when damage is assessed at the end of that combat round (even if the party loses the round). 
If your character misses the saving roll to hit, you still count the weapon damage toward the party’s overall HPT regardless of whether the PC party wins or loses overall. 
Original Article:

Missile Weapons, Optional Rule #2: "Miss but Kill"

On a missed missile weapon shot that still defeats a monster due to end-of-turn HPT, the character firing the shot has two choices:
  1. Let the monster surrender or escape as-is, before the damage is assessed.
  2. Finish off the monster in a coup-de-grace, but using another round of ammunition.
If no ammo is available or a shot is not taken and the referee rules the creature does not run, the final blow can be with a melee weapon or fist. Stunning damage is allowed in case a prisoner needs to be taken.

Determining "Fair Fight" MR

To determine the MR of a fair fight, multiply the average party damage by 1.174 to determine an encounter's MR. Modify this up or down by 10-30% based on encounter difficulty, party cleverness, magic, armor, current resources, and other factors that contribute to toughness of both the party and the monsters face.

The 1.174 number will change based on how easily this 50-50 encounter goes, and you may see the need to set this at a higher value, such as 1.2 or 1.3 (or lower). As your party adventures, make note of some of their damage outputs in order to find the average damage of your group and how easily they dealt with an encounter set at the last turn damage to MR multiplier.

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