GURPS Resources

A page listing some of the best resources I have found for the GURPS game:


Where else do you start? The free quick-start rules of course! Note, ranged-combat RoF is handled differently in this game versus the full one, worth noting if you get used to how ranged combat works versus the full game:

GURPS Resources Page

Another great official source is the SJ Games GURPS Resources page, with tons of links and free downloads:

GURPS 4th Edition Combat Cards

Want to know what the four "Do Nothing" actions are? The official and free GURPS 4th Edition Combat Cards will help you figure things out quickly:

Combat Summary

It is one of the best combat summaries I have found so far, and I highly recommend printing it out and using it as a learning resource. This one is my go-to guide, and once you print this out the game is not that complicated anymore, especially compared to Pathfinder 1e/D&D 3.5:

Combat Examples

A great list of turn-by-turn combats reviewed by players that handle many different situations and match-ups:

Grappling Summary

An interesting summary for grappling in the game:

B/X Conversion Notes

Want to convert B/X monsters quick and dirty to GURPS? Use these notes:

  • HT = HD x5 or x10
  • Attack Skill, Parry = 10  + (Attack Bonus / 2)
  • Dodge = 6 to 10, estimate
  • Damage = 1d3 or 1d6 per HD or by weapon (swing = +20%)
  • Special Damage = 1d3 or 1d6 per HD (or 5 character points per HD for a power)
  • DR = estimate based on armor, or (roll-over AC - 10) / 2


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