Free RPGs

There are so many great role-playing games out there on the web, so here's my little page sharing them all with you. Enjoy!

Free RPGs

Basic Fantasy

One of the best Old School Revolution fantasy games out there. See more in the Design Room article.

B/X Essentials

Looking for a digest-sized modular presentation of B/X OSR gaming? My favorite is B/X Essentials, and this one looks to be a solid framework you can use to create many B/X games from as a great base and also reference guide for all the rules you need to get started.

Labyrinth Lord

Another classic game, this one plays like a hybrid of the classic fantasy game's basic set combined with the best of the "advanced" books. See more in the Design Room article.

Mutant Future

Interested in late-1970's post-apocalyptic science fantasy gaming? This is your game of wild mutants, humanoid animals, and enough ruined exploration and strange societies to keep you gaming for a long-long time past the end of the world.

Star Frontiers

Can you really play one of the classic 80's TSR boxed games for free? Yes you can! Blast off into excitement with an amazing resource of legal and free Star Frontiers sci-fi action, and check out the Design Room article here.

Other Free Games

Car Wars

Classic Car Wars is now free, along with counters and maps.

Worthy of Mention

The following are not-so-free, but inexpensive enough to be worthy of mention.

Legend (Mongoose)

Price: $1.00 for the PDF. Looking for an OGL Runequest style percentile system that can do just about anything? Legend has you covered. For more, see the review here.

FATE (Evil Hat)
Price: Pay what you want for the PDF. An amazing interpretive, player-driven narrative game that is great for verbal overplaying and storytelling.

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